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Hey there,

I just picked up an 07 z1000 and it's my first one. It sounds great and all the gears still working motor sounds solid with around 24k miles. Its a little rough on the eyes, plastics are not in good shape and rattle canned black. I see that there will be quite a bit to go through and replace, like the broken foot peg mount on the right side and some other little things.

I would like to restore this thing with stock parts making sure its safe to ride and looks cherry as well but hear parts are hard to come by.

Are stock oem parts hard to get on this bike?

Where is good place to get parts?

Anyone have a connect on new fairing kits?

Also, What should I look out for as I go through this bike?

Any tips or tricks I should know about?

Thanks in advance,

Peter M.
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