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Extended swingarm

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Anyone running an extended swingarm? Benefits? Worth it? 2003 nitrous Z1000
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I have an extended swingarm I'd be willing to sell, was $880 to have it made and includes the chain to go with, no longer need either. $400 plus shipping and it's yours! Bike launches like crazy with it installed - rode it with it on for years. Much better constructed than stock. Coming from the Portland, Oregon area. Message or call for pics - Dave 503.381.5198
If running nitrous and some taller gears it might be worth it, I mean I never felt my 3rd gen was hard to launch fully tuned with stock gears but I don’t chase ETs. Also on the highway, mind you I’m not running nitrous, there’s no advantage. The bike doesn’t wheelie that much if at all after 2nd gear. It’s up to the kind of riding you’ll be doing and how much top end you’re getting out of your build. Still, it’ll never be a zx14 or a busa and I’m not a fan of stretching bikes because I like to get my knee down but that’s me you might feel differently
1 - 3 of 3 Posts