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just got off the phone wit fuel moto quoted me 679 for muzzy full system and 279 for pcv. counting my change. no filter available yet. rick:D:D:D
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Holy crap, that's a crazy price. You're my new best friend. :p
i got my 2004 stainless 4-1 MUZZY shipped for $ 425 . na na. i got in on their close out sale. reg price was over 700
how do i delete this post? didn't get to the bank today to deposit money. hope no one else reads this. should have waited til after i got mine. by the way 18.00 shipping. rick:D:D:D:D talk to keith
No worries, Rick, I don't expect to be spending much more than a hundred or two before next year. Barends, fender eliminator, and maybe levers. Might not even bother with that much.
i've got the money, but it will really strap me. will probably do it tomorrow. read my other post. too much is not enough.
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