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I got my Ermax windscreen today! I had to order it from Paris -- accessoires moto ermax casques bottes blousons aubagne silverstone motor is the place, as there are no US distributors. The good news is they're very fast, so it only takes about a week to get here.

The one I got is the tallest one they offer. There is another one between this one and stock, called the "sport" screen. They come in different colors. Mine is "dark black."

Wind protection is definitely improved. The wind now hits me at the top of the breastbone. I'll need a few days of riding to really get a feel for it. I might try to raise the screen a little more by putting longer spacers (and longer bolts) in the rear mounts, to increase the angle of attack a bit. My goal is to get the wind at shoulder level.

But I think it looks great. The lines totally match the bike. It's as if it was a stock piece.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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