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I really doubt you will find the correct compatible seal. They are not just regular "o-rings" but special shapes specifically designed for the particular piston, see photo below. You can technically use DOT5 silicone based brake fluid as it's compatible with both the mineral and glycol compliant seals, but DOT5 has terrible lubrications properties, and it will destroy your magura slave in a few weeks of use. Also the clutch travel will not be smooth and bind up in it's travel.

Good luck to you, just don't waste too much money as I did...

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In such case i'd better make bracket for Alixpress 19 mm slave cylinder, or modify it. At the end, i can make drawing and mill the own slave cylinder))) I think it will be cheaper and faster.
The end will be in month, two.

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Hi guys and gals, just thought id share everything iv done on my Gen 4 since owning her and my mapping/dyno results from today.


OZ Racing Gass RS-A wheels
Brembo callipers and discs (front and rear)
HEL braided lines
Black widow headers
SC project silencers
HM quickshifter
Maxton rear shock
Rizmoa rear sets
Renthal Fat bars
Valter moto exhaust hangers
ASV levers
Kawasaki engine covers
Barracuba B lux bar ends
Brembo rear Reservoir and Rizoma front reservoir
carbon Dipped rear hugger , sprocket cover & side panels
Custom tail tidy
Smoked rear light with intergrated indicators
Audi style (flowing) front indicators
Ebay bar end mirrors
Grip puppies

Now for the mapping today I wanted to do everything I could to get the best results so before taking her to the dyno I did the following

New Shell advance oil and K&N filter
New NGK spark plugs
New DID chain and sprocket
New HiFlo air filter
Air box mod and cut the air intake grills away (as shown in the comfysofa video)
Previously fitted Black widow headers and SC Project silencers (baffles in)

I took the bike to a place called Dave Wood racing here in the UK, couldn’t recommend them enough very friendly, very knowledgeable and very helpful

The bike done 144WHP (157BHP) straight off the bat with no tuning , was running very lean at the bottom end and rich at the top

After tuning the bike it got 151WHP (164BHP) which I was very pleased with :)

The throttle feels smoother and more progressive and really packs a punch when you open it up, the mid range feels stronger and its can rev 300 rpm higher

The tuner said he’s done loads of z1000 and with headers and an exhaust you normally get about 145WHP not much more. So he thinks that the air box mod probably did make some what Of a difference but bear in mind it was only 12° outside.

couple of snaps

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How did you calculate the 164 BHP?
I finally made the Dyno tune today.
The result was 149,77 WHP and 115,19 N*m on wheel with air temperature 32-34°C.
I had no possibility to check full stock, but on Ivan's performance Dyno result is 125,7 WHP on full stock. The official stock has 142 BHP.
So, with those digits calculating is that 149,77 WHP~169,19 BHP.
I am wrong?


The first digits are on wheel. The stock means stock ECU map with modified bike
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