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Had this bike 1800 miles so far...Every 300 miles or so I

Pull in the clutch at a stop and the bike slowly very slowly pulls forward....No problem...My levers set on 6 and a 1/2" of clutch thread adjusters showing...She appears to be long past her prime...I adjust at each issue/stop and all is fine...Then maybe not 20 miles l8r.....

The down shift...

Ive noticed that since Ive owned it the down shifts and false neutrals(even 5th sometimes) but I dont fall for it...Sneaky btsch...N Repeated attempts at neutral become a 10 second moron game..Its in neutral but the light aint on...Boom...Then its in second...Boom back to first...Any first time rider on my bike may think its them and not really notice...

I plan on clutch and springs...But Id like to improve the shifter side... O-rings....New shifter lever and linkage etc.....Maybe off season split the case....

Oh yeah the question/s

Would downshift crunch and clutch issues be the same or do I have gear/play issues too....

What parts would you order for my bike this week

Id also like to do a 1 up in the rear sprocket since Im one down in front...
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