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Do the 2nd Gen Z's have "flies" Secondary Throttle Plates

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Just ordered A Yoshi TRS Carbon Fiber can set and a PC3 for my 07
and wanted to know if it has Flies.....Pulled the ones on my Ninja 650 and it really came to life on low end! Now that I'm getting the Z customized to my standard,would like to tweak it some.
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While i don't know for certain, I would think they do. Most injected bikes I have run across have them. You could look on bikebandit.com at the fiche for you bike and see if they are listed. Also, you could check the service manual.

Oh yeah, Hello every one! First post!
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OK thanks...I do alot of business with them anyway lol....probably spent near a grand with them this past year....Welcome to the site man!
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