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Well first let me start out by saying its great to see some other z1000 owners and to have their own forum is awesome. Onto my problem, i have not drove my 2006 z1000 for 2 weeks and ever since i had some under carriage white lights installed a year ago the battery seems to drain. needless to say they are being disconnected. the bike has ran fine with them until the battery dies. I needed to move the bike today and having had dirtbikes before i decided to roll start the bike. no go, im not a great runner. I then towed it behind my brothers truck and ran around the block a few times. it would kick, sputter, pop, but no go. i finally dropped it into first and boom ! it started. i had no lights, no led gauges, no electrical to the bike whatsoever and it ran HORRIBLE ! backfiring, iraddic idling etc. until finally it stalled. i was able to drive the bike but forget getting it above 3k rpm before it would sputter out. My question is wheather or not this is how fuel injection behaves when it has a terribly bad battery. I had thought the alternator would turn something on when it started running, and at times i did see my display turn on, but for the most part it was off. I also thought to myself if their is no power then there is no fuel injection/cpu/oxy sensors etc. any comments or similar situations happen to anybody, i plan on going to batterys plus first thing tomorrow because my battery is under warranty with them. But i cant help think that the problem lies deeper. i am definitley not a mechanic as you can probably tell lol. thanks in advance for any help.

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