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First Up I want to say how much i’m enjoying my time on this forum so far and I have found lots of helpfull advice and ideas for what i’d like to do with my Z1000

On the whole I really like the Zed as a really good all round motorcycle, but as I’m a completely insane hardcore streetfighter hooligan I was thinking of what I was going to change on the bike after the first ride, now after 6000 miles in 3 months I have a much better idea of whats needed.
Here’s the bike as it stands now....

Only mods so far are throw the mirrors in the trash (had some ****ty after market ones fitted and my knuckles kept hitting the RHS one when i wound the throttle on) None of my other fighters have mirrors anyway so who cares and i’ve shaved some weight off the bike already.

I made a tail tidy for the licence plate and turn signals to replace the gay teardrop stick on ones the bike came with and fitted matching signals at the front. (these are temp until i can afford some billet ones)
Previous owner had dropped the forks thru the triple by 60mm the bike had a really nice aggressive stance but handled sketchy at the front to say the least. I halved this to 30mm and it handles alot nicer now, with decent rubber it should be nearly spot on.

Also previous owner had changed the gearing so the speedo is out by around 8mph not a big deal as i use a gps anyway and will probally junk the stock gauges in the future

Last modifications the bike had when I got it was gravel rash on both sides nothing to bad but just goes to show not to mess with the bikes handling until you have learned to handle it as stock.
That’s where I’m at now the next post I will put the general plan out there, feel free to comment offer advice or other alternatives to my plans



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OK here’s the general plan for project Zed Fighta

I am relocating to the USA from England in Feb 2011, I will be bringing all my tools and knowledge with me but I will be limited as to what I can fabricate myself to start with as I have to sell all my equipment that runs on electricity. It will be getting replace eventually but for now it’s going to be relatively minor mods.

The items below are in no set order and will be done or change and evolve as I go along depending on what comes along.
I’m a great believer in making it up as you go along and there isn’t much that I can’t make fit if I really want it.

First up I was less than impressed with the bikes power as standard, the bike had been geared up by previous owner and still didn’t impress me much, also it is the quietest bike i’ve ridden in over 15 years and really need some bark behind it.....So top of the list is going to be a power commander unit, the airbox mod and to gut and shorten the standard mufflers, I like the look of the slash cut standard mufflers that I saw elsewhere.

This will give the bike a little more attitude and apart from the power commander cost will be cheap and easy to do. This is just going to be an interim step while I gather parts for the next step regarding power.

I was in the mind set to just stuff a bigger motor in the frame to give me the power I need but to be honest thats a bit more effort than i want to put in at this stage (so i’ll save the 1400cc motor plan for later down the line, J/K i was actually going to shoehorn a 1200 in. lol)
So instead I am thinking of doing the ZX9 cam swap along with the valve springs and retainers, I am planning of completely junking the standard airbox and going for K&N pod filters (seriously have you seen the amount of room that bugger takes up) the other reason for this mod is that one day down the line i may want to cut the subframe off and fit a different tail to the bike

Two options for the exhaust system depending on how crazy I want to get.
Option 1 for simple, looks good and cheap is 4into1 ZX9 downpipes with a ludicrously loud stubby can or, Option 2 Twin underseat exhausts if I can score a too good to miss deal on a SSSA assembly.

Now onto handling, I’m not bothered at this stage to swap the usd forks for newer ones with the radial mounted callipers, the standard ones look ok and a with a progressive spring kit should perform just fine for me I will upgrade the callipers for a set of tokicos or similar, I do love my 6 pots

Two options for the swing arm (if I don’t go SSSA) and this depends on costs and whats around but i’m thinking a ZX636 swingarm and probably a ZX10 shock or similar or the other option is to use the standard SA and add some bracing to it, if i go with this option i’ll still be looking for a stiffer shock.
Various things to do in no particular order

Junk the standard gauges/clocks and fit my garmin gps in it’s place, this is a mod I will be be doing on any fighter I build from this day on, It tells me how fast i’m going and where I am thats all i need, I don’t care about having a rev counter and i’ll rig up a LED unit for oil, fuel, lights, nuetral & turn.
Riding position is good but the bars tent to flex so a set of renthal mx or flat bars are in order and some nice pazzo levers to go on them. Also braided brake lines all round.

The ugly as hell rearset are very high up the list of things to throw in the trash asap and i will either get some sexy ones for another bike and make them fit or I will make some myself

Various blingy parts like engine accents, injector covers, turn signals etc
All the body work repaired and seat cowl fitted then everything prepped and either painted or polished including motor. With the airbox gone I may or may not lose the frame covers at the very least they will be getting modified somehow.

And that’s about all for now, obviously it’s not going to happen for a few months yet as i’m in a different country from the bike but my ebay watch list is getting insane..lol and I can’t wait to get busy.

Any Ideas advice or suggestions gratefully received, I have been building bikes for a long time now but my area of specialisation is oil cooled zookis and this’ll be my first FI bike I fighter so fire away.

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Lastly here is a Z750/1000 conversion as featured in this months Streetfighter Magazine (Nov 2010 issue if anyone wants to buy a copy) I was going to fighter my Z1000 anyway but when I saw this one with the airbox and covers gone it inspired me to rethink my ideas, I also really like the paint and thats given me a few ideas too.


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i am not a HP junkie, i find my 04 ZED plenty fast. many posts show 130 RWHP with a PC and a good pipe. at around 475 LBS after removal of the stock pipes the ZED is not a porky bike. are their faster bikes out their SURE. is the ZED above average YES.
keep up the posts on your progress. i do like the pod air filter look. very retro.
what part of america are you relocating to ?
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