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Chain adjustment

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On the 2010 z1000 what tools would be needed to adjust the chain. I have never seen a set up in the rear like this before.
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Haven't done it, yet, but... the manual spells it out pretty clearly as I recall.
The tool kit haas all you need. If you loosen the pinch bolts. Then turn the "cams" as you need to with the 10mm & 8mm allen wrenches you'll see how it all works. Adjust and check loaded and readajust as needed. Did mine on a friends lift, it was fairly simple.
did mine at 500 miles it was pretty loose. was suprised because i really did baby it. hate to see it after this weekend will have 1000 on her tonight, haven't been able to ride much this week. tomorrow is dyno day. oh yeah, almost forgot my pinch bolts were very, very tight, had to tapwith a hammer to break them loose.with tool from kit. rex adjusted same way, very easy, follow manual. rick:D:D:D
I feel like a jack ars. I ask the question before checking the manual. It does spell it out for you. Thanks for the replys and for not dogging me out for not reading it first.

Just kidding. :p
a little harsh there don't you think. ha!ha! you guys are killing me. i'm going to ride.
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