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Hey folks!! I dont usually jump on this site to post product reviews, but I wanted to share this with everyone.

Living in the Bay Area, it tends not to get below 38* most of the time. I ride year 'round, unless it is raining. The biggest problem I have is that I have this awesome Frank Thomas jacket that is completely windproof and warm, and I even have a balaclava to keep the face warm - but when the temps drop to below 40*, the wind hits my chest and goes right up into the helmet, swirling around my eyes and making them tear up...and the tears then run down my face and FREEZE there!

So, I went to Cycle Gear and asked if they had any products that stop wind from going up your helmet. I was directed to and purchased a StopWind Helmet Skirt. It was simple to install (just tucks into the helmet between the shell and inner padding) and the thing is - IT REALLY WORKS WELL! You can find it at this link: Cycle Gear - MOTRAX: StopWind Deluxe Helmet Skirt,

It was 27* when I left my house this morning. My fingers ended up getting pretty cold, but my face never once got frozen! This is the best money I have ever spent to stay warm on a ride! Bonus: it actually lowers the noise level as well. Never realized how loud the wind noise was...
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