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Month ago I was looking for quickshifter, and found the Bazzaz T492i with fuel control, traction control and quickshifter in one kit.

On manufacturer website it is for 14-16 years only. Nowadays, it's discontinued and no longer available, but somewhere it's still on sales.

Occasionally, I find it it on eBay on one USA market with extremely discount for 79$+49$ for shipping, with recommend sale price for 890$.
I am a prisoner of freebie, as you know.
There are no big difference between 14-16 and 17+ model, I thought, and I purchased it immediately.

I installed it without difficulties, everything fit correct, but.... ****, it wasn't working.
3 days fucking with this and my bike....
I called Bazzaz support, but they just said me, that it not compatible with z1000 17+, and they can't help me.
I bought additionally:
1). Healtech Obd Scanner to clean error after disconnecting gear sensor;
2) Speedhealer V4;
3) Service Manual for Gen4 17.

I was very angry and it's wasn't working still.
Bazzaz used "speed amplifier" (but it's not amplifier really, it's converter)


Amplifier is the same for big numbers of motorcycle with speed sensor via Abs. It's just simple sensor from Bosch.
Life hack : if yours sensor would broken on z1000 below 2017, you can purchase BOSCH 0 265 007 885, it 7 times cheaper then Kawasaki genuine product, but the same.
But Bazzaz didn't see the right speed on my bike.
I found, that:

1)on Gen 4 17+ there is different rear wheel sensor, new generation sensor, much more linear and etc.
2) on Gen 4 17+ there is 3-pin gear sensor instead of neutral switch sensor, with showing gears on metre indicator unit.

After research I took the neutral line from metric indicator unite, Bazzaz see neutral gear, but no gears wasn't working still.
I was trying to calibrate gears and it was a piece of ****.

After few days great fucking with it, I tried to connect the wheel rotation pulse line to Bazzaz pulce line without Speed amplifier.

and.... O-la-la!!!
During calibration gears or gears digits calibrated to supplied values, and it began working perfectly! All gears were showing at Bazzaz!

Knowledges don't have price!
1. All the difference is to take neutral line from metric unit, and wheel pulse line too, without their fucking speed amplifier.
2. I think that guys from Bazzaz use amplifier to make the installation process cheaper(???)
3. I think that we can connect the same way on different bikes with ABS speed sensor and digital speedometer.

The quickshifter works good, it's working up and DOWN, stop working after 6th gear, but still interrupts ignition, when you push down below 1st gear.
Interrupted times setup for each gear individually.

Also I installed Speedhealer V4, as well I bought it.

Thanks very much for myself for patient, perseverance and persistence.:ROFLMAO:

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impressive Antinx! you do have much more patience that most to get this working correctly 😎. thanks for posting the solution. hell of a great job sir!!

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Bazzaz asked 200 $ for TC adjuster+Fuel map switcher, 135 $ for TC Active lighter, and 70$ for shipping to me. It's really too expensive for this kind simple things.
So I found the video
I didn't make any photos in progress, because it full explanation on video.
And few days ago I finished the same, but in more pretty and custom way.
All parts I got from AliExpress for ~15$.
Bottle Automotive tire Drinkware Automotive lighting Bumper

Vehicle registration plate Automotive lighting Speedometer Hood Automotive tire

Fuel tank Vehicle Green Automotive lighting Hood

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting

Yesterday I was riding a lot, weather was cold and raining, and I started from highest level of TC to get the meaning and feel it and....

I am really surprised and satisfied how focused, correctly and carefully it works even in high level.
At the evening I began to fell myself more master fully and began to open throttle more than usually at wet road.
it even feel and work when you jump a little after speed bumps or etc.

But don't be full stupid, it only help you a lot, but not do all the work for you.
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