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awesome tank bag: Bags Connection Engage Sport

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does anyone have this?


Bags Connection Engage Sport Quick Lock Bag

I'm ordering the one with power option ring. Allows my gps to mount to it.
the thing has usb connections built it too!

not cheap though. will order it once my visa cools down!

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I just found an awesome link with some dude (FJR) that has his mounted showing multiple pictures from all sides... a bunch of guys rate it too so make sure you read the whole thread.

Looks like a very good idea. Lemme know how it works out for you I may consider one.
looks like it would be a pain filling up. rick:D:D:D
I went by to get the power ring and gps installed but the main dude that works and knows everything about the install wasn't there. He was in the hospital waking up from surgery. speedy recovery to him...

I did however pick up the gps mount and installed that.
super easy. It's just running off of the battery for now.
the bracket takes a RAM ball mount and then you can use your RAM cradle. here's a couple of pictures; it works like a charm!
I set it up so with a slight look down I can see the gps and then with small glance up I can l see my entire dash/speedo console on the bike. perfect.

btw I noticed my speedo is out by a couple kph's it reads 62kph when my gps reads 60kph. not too bad. :) and the whole thing is wheelie proof.
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On my Z750 I had the Bagster Tank cover and now on my Z1000 I bought a universal kit from bagster to fit my clip on bag.
Bagster - Easy (universal fitting)

Isn't so expensive like this bag that you show us.

Anyone have the bagster tank cover on a 2010 or 2011 Z1000? Never saw one!
Cool concept...I like the 7L bag myself. I'm not sure if Bags Connection makes these but it was on the same site...these are some slick saddle bags and mounts in my opinion.

BLAZE H Panniers Set. 1680 Ballistic Nylon. Kawasaki Z 1000 (10-) - BLAZE H Panniers Set. 1680 Ballistic Nylon. Kawasaki Z 1000 (10-) - SW-MOTECH & BAGS-CONNECTION
I have used both Bagsconnection and Cortech's Dryver systems. Similar approach - gas cap mounted ring and option to Hang GPS on front of bag. Definitely nice to have some space between your tank and your bag.

I just don't like it on my tank. It's a pain when filling up that why I went with the rear soft bags and tail pack
i used a tank bag for years. now i just wear a backpack, works out better for my needs.
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