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are you still happy you got a Z 1000

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in 40 years of riding i have owned 11 bikes. none of them were bad bikes. but did i like all of them after a while NO. i still love my Z 1000. i come home after a ride and tell the wife DAM I LOVE MY BIKE. every ride is such a pleasure. i think my 6-1 200 lb body was made for this bike. even the seat perfect for me. last night i was on the FWY at about 70 MPH and thought how minimal the wind blast was. i could go on and on about how much i like this bike. [ i guess i have]:rolleyes:
i am sure some of you out their bought a Z 1000 for reasons that will not keep you happy with it. i guess if you wanted a race bike but settled for the Z 1000 maybe you will not stay happy. to me i have a light,powerful sit up sport bike. cutting edge is not important to me.
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Your not alone. I've got about 35 years worth of riding time and feel the same. Every time I ride my Z I can't help but like it more. I've never owned anything but a sportbike,currently have an 08 CBR 1000 as well as my 2010 Z. The group I ride with are all on sportbikes and at first I was reluctant to take the Z on group rides. That went away quickly when I found that staying with or leading the pack is effortless on the Z. Yet after a 300 mile day I want to ride more and they are all ready to call it a day. Long live the Z. Maybe it's time to sell the CBR and get more accesories for the Z.
that is impressive. i do not consider myself a good canyon rider. so i cant relate my z 1000 to other bikes as far as handling goes. i can tell you my z 1000 gives me confidence i never had with other bikes i have owned.
i miss the storage on my zrx also my first one hung around for 4 years and 35,000 miles with no seriuos issues. this bike stock is quicker and faster and lighter and handles better than my modded rex. i'll always have a soft spot for the rex, but i love riding the z. have ridden with 2 cbr1000rr's and a zx 10r . they didn't leave me in the dust. not sure if they were really trying or not, but i'm not very comfortable riding all out after my wreck in 04. found out i'm not invinceable. this bike does most everthing i want right now and i'm sure with the muzzy i'll be very happy.2nd gear power wheelies sound fun.:eek::eek::eek:
Jr Rick, I don't think people who bout 2010 z's had 600's in their sights.

"i am sure some of you out their bought a Z 1000 for reasons that will not keep you happy with it. i guess if you wanted a race bike but settled for the Z 1000 maybe you will not stay happy."

the Great thing about the 2010 Z is it being set above the cheap relm of bikes. I mean that no one is going to get a z1000 because they can't afford a ZX600. Unlike our predissors.

Therefore, more folks will buy this bike because they want it, not because it's the better EL6n or "but it's only 26 dollars more than a KLR". This is a diffrent class we are in. Our bikes may be worth 2k next year (3 months from now), but not this year.
zoid, not sure about the 600 comment. never had or or wanted one. friend had a honda f4i when i had my rex. we never got to ride anywhere that his bike was any better than mine. i like to play at lower rpm's. his had to be winding to do anything. love the power of the z, but i have to play with whatever bike i own. trying to squeeze out a little more power or changing the looks to make it mine. don't think i'll ever grow up.when i rode the rex i was different, now with the z am still different. oh well.:eek::eek::eek:
i've been lucky and have had 2 z's 3 counting my 750s. I've had an r1 yamaha and found out that i am better served riding the z. At47 years young and still having fun riding, this might not be the bike for everyone, but it is certainly the one for me. style and 40 mph wheelies at will are the order of the day. thanks kawasaki for a great bike.
from 2003-2005 i was active in the local ZRXOA club. one guy had a Z 1000. back then i just did not care for it. like a lot of REX owners i thought my ZRX just plain looked better and surly with 200 plus CC more it must be faster. well times change. i still love ZRXs but i do not lust for another. this 04 Z 1000 just plain turns me on.
yes ! although I have only had my bike about two month's now this bike is a blast
farly comfortable for my 45 year old beat up body . this is my first real street bike
my last bike is a drz 400 sm moded which I still have and still enjoy but the Z is a whole new ball game fun fast and great .
a mere babe, when i was 45......... i can't remember what i was saying. oh well. i'm nearly sure i was 45 once. i think. anyone out there remember if i was 45 once. any one remember anything.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
I'm 51 & love this bike!
Might need bigger grips though as I am finding it hard to hold on at anything over 3/4 throttle!!! (5' 4" & 80kg)
Does anyone know of a full harness belt for the bike to hold me on??? :D
think i saw one in the kawasaki fun book. have to check with sentinel he see's everything HA!HA! i'm 5'6", 220 and have no problem hangin' on. maybe i have more upper body strength.HEE!HEE! kep havin' fun and watch out for those kangaroo's.:eek::eek::eek:
I love the look of the ZRX and almost got one, they were just so big and heavy. I was on Willow Springs (Cal race track) and dyced it up for a few laps, I was on my 00 r1. I went and talked with the rider after, he was maybee 20 or so, I asked why he rode that bike.

"I wanted something diffrent than my friends, how many 20 somethings do you see on these?"

I said especially here? by the way, he was faster than me.
the rexers are crazy. they meet here in eureka springs twice a year to ride the twisties. they've got some bad bikes. if i was 4 inches taller i'd keep the rex and modify it, to run faster than z. but there's little chance of that happening for me.
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