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Almost Z1000 owner

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I'm just a week or two away from getting a white '08 Z1000. Just got to work out the details with the seller who is out of state and the finance company which is local.

I currently ride a 2000 Speed Triple and love it. It is a fantastic bike with a lot of power, maneuverability, and speed. However, a couple of months ago I stumbled upon the 2010 Z1000 and thought that it was a great looking bike. After reading up on the Z1000 line, I knew I had to test ride one. Luckily for me, my brother recently sold his '03 CBR and purchased a black '07 Z1000. Since he's in Afghanistan doing contract work, I got to ride it to his house. Wow! All I can say is that this is one fantastically fun bike to ride. It's got comfort, speed, and handling just right for my riding style. It was nothing but pleasurable to ride. Funny thing is, if everything goes as planned for the white '08, my brother and I will be like Yin & Yang. LOL! :D

All in all, I still plan on keeping the Speed Triple, but I know that I'm going to fully enjoy riding the Z1000. Hope the Speedy won't mind, because I know I won't. :)

Below are pics of my current Speed Triple and the upcoming Z1000.


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Very nice Triple man! I'm Fairly pleased with my 07 Z1000.
Still have some vibration issues to iron out and I got to get rid of the huge 20 ton cans
and slap on some carbon yoshi's! I've been looking at some Rizoma mirrors too...Sweet!
Have a good one man

i bought my 04 becouse it just looked fantastic, i love it now becouse it is the perfect bike for me. when i sit on a motorcycle i do NOT want to feel i am in the **** pit of a 747 jumbo jet. most new sport bikes are way to bussy. sitting on my ZED all i see in front of me is the road. i love the clutch and gearing. i think i could ride 5 MPH in first gear. the bike feels so light and nimble. at 125 HP and around 450 lbs it is right up their with race replica bikes. i have no problems with vibration or lack of mid range power some magazines claim is a problem on our bikes. getting on the FWY in third gear is very impressive to me. i am at 100 MPH very quickly. this bike is just plain FUN to ride. i am 63 years old and will not own a wrist killer. i did a few miles on a ZX 14 a while back and the strain on my neck to look forward from the riding position was crazy. also i like how most everything is right out thier to service . change the oil filter on a BUSA sometime. you need to remove lots of flimsy plastic to do small jobs. i want to see the engine on a motorcycle , not plastic. naked ,street fighter bike are what i like.
PS i did a demo ride on a speed tripple. it was also fun. very nice bike. i just cant get around to liking those 2 frog headlights though. i understand that is the charm of that bike.
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