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What's it like riding in New Zealand now - I know Napier is not a major hub but my Mate says there are speed cameras everywhere & while its practically a freeway riding from Auckland to Hamilton, etc he says its littered with Speed Cameras & as soon as you hit 101 kmh, Bang, Flash Pop & you get a Citation in the Mail - is that true?

And how do they prove it was you driving?

Back to the noise being rectified, very good!

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Umm well if you ride back roads then speed cameras are not an issue but yes the laws are quite strict around speed. You have to pick and choose when to twist it on. You usually get 10% over before you'll trigger a camera, sometimes 5% or 0% on long weekends.

Hopefully the chain guide isn't too far away, I found one on ebay in stock in Japan so should be couple weeks quicker than from Kawasaki directly.
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