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2010 z1000 start/ stall

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Ever since day one with this new z, when it's warmed up, it will start and run for 1-2 seconds then stall. After that it will start every time. When the engine is cold, it will start every time on the first try. I figured i'd give it some time to break in, around 1000 miles or so, and if it continued, then it would be dealer time. Has anyone else had this problem? Also at times it will miss completeing the shift into 6st. gear. Any help would be great, thanks for reading.:confused:
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no problems with mine except that off idle blurb. PCv seems too have fixed that. will know more tonight. just remembered when i first got my bike it did that before i left the shop with it. the tech turned the idle knob up just a little, no more problem.look on the left side of bike about where your knee is. should be a knob there. book says between 1050 and 1150. page110 in owners manual. hope this helps except for rain problem these bikes seem pretty well bullet proof.:cool::cool::cool:
RugRat, yes I get the start problem. If I consentrate and hold the throttle it is ok, but if I just start it it dies about 30 percent of the time after being off for over an hour. sometimes it takes 3 or so trys to get it going. I never really cared, and seriously can't remember if it did that before the PCV and pipe.

I think JRrick is right, I think it has to do with low idle.
Thanks for the information, i did check the idle and it's right at 1000rpm when warm. i will adjust it up to see if it works.What's the pcv and pipe stuff all about? Is this something for fixing a problem or just mods, for performance?I love this bike and the wheelies are fun. This is my third kawasaki in two years and my second z.The 2005 had leo vince pipes and was a blast to ride, that's why there is a 2010 in my garage today. As of yet i can't find leo vince pipes for this model. When they become availible they will be installed.Thanks again for the input, ride safe.
When I first bought my new Z the 5-6 shift was really bad & clunky. I now have just over 4000 k's on the bike & this problem has only surfaced once in the past week. I am hopin it is just a break-in issue.
thanks for the information on the shifting issues. I feel the same way. My z750s had the same problem and after approx. 3000-4000 miles it quit as well. hoping that the z will follow suit.
the PCv smoothed out my off idle problem. they offer several full systems for thr 09-011 z's. the canister under bike is the sticking point.many people are using slipons, but are very expensive for little gain. akro and PCv and filter are claiming 10-15 hp. i'm waiting for a muzzy full, they also claim same hp. yoshi has one now. and maybe others avaiable, haven't checked lately. i did a stock dyno and will use the same one after mods are complete to measure gain. will post. am very happy with PCv and bcm filter.no noticable gain in power but delivery is smoother. i also went to 200 rear tire. it helped with cruising a little, took just a little of the edge away power wise. still comes up easy in first. turn in feels quicker, may be because of the rear being higher with taller tire. not sure. but handling is noy any worse that i can tell.
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