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2010 Z1000 in green?

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I'm wondering why the Z1000 is not available in Kawasaki's traditional green? I would much prefer to show my Kawi colors.... I feel like the white and red colors are totally confused for a Kawasaki motorcycle.

Any chance there will be a Green special edition Z1000 ??? Or even a Monster Energy version?
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I saw one online that had the green where the orange was. I think it might be a european model. Let me look into it and maybe post some pics.
Man, why do the Euros always get the nicer stuff than we do here in the USA?!?!?! Those mirrors are WAYYYY better than the stock mirrors on the USA version...
You mean something like this.


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The green one was a custom one off job done for a guy in Germany. The orange/white, black/silver, and brown/snakeskin seat are the only factory color options.

Who knows what next year will bring. The 03 wan't available in green, but the 04 or 05 was.
Got told by the Kawasaki distributor when I tried to order a new white Z1000 on Monday that the white has been discontinued in Australia.
The next shipment due will have still the black or the new 'green' model!
The new "green" model? I hope there's pics of it. That sounds like really good news to hardcore Kawasaki guys. They can rep the trademark Kawasaki green.
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