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2010 z1000 Awards and shootouts.

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hey guys I have seen a few shootouts here and there, by way of my internet searching skills...;)

have you seen this? Kawasaki has a bunch on one page. forgive me if this is a repost and I have wasted 20 secs of your life. :p

2010 Z1000 Sport - Kawasaki.com
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thatt bike bounces just like mine. did you notice the black strip of rubber on that turn later in video, he was sliding the rear tire. maybe that's why mine wore out so fast. ha!ha!
I loved it, Cardinger, I couldn't get your link to work, so I didn't get to read it.

My take? thanks for asking. I had a Superduke before this so i was supprized that the SD got better ranks for comfort, it sucked worse thant the 10 Z. if the duck won, I get it, these guys are reviewers and are as such dooing their job. If the duck is better, so be it, I would still buy the Z due to it's inline 4 engine, I love it.


P.S. I saw a SUV with a sticker on it saying "I would rather be riding my Ducati Street Fighter". I waited to tell the owner of the "socker mom mobile" that only sport bikes that have been crashed then hade the farrings removed can be called a "Street Fighter" and not people how go the dealership to buy one. But alas, I got bored and left.
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