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2010 suspension changes

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has anyone changed rear shock settings. tool available any where. bike needs a little softening up. do i have to go to dealer? rick :D
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I've had the suspensionfully set on my bike, started by getting the static sag set, then firmed up the front and tried it, the followed it up by firming the rear. It's quite a hard ride now but it corners like its on rails!
I had the suspension on my 2010 set for me by a shop that specializes in setting it up. The difference in the ride is amazing. Before setting it the bike felt like it wanted to stand up straight in the middle of a turn. Now it feels like its on rails, dips in much quicker and iis very predictable. As far as the rear shock they first gave it a shot of silicone to loosen the lockring then tapped it with a screwdriver to start it moving. Once the lockring was loosened they used two different shock wrenches to adjust it. The reason they used two wrenches was because as the adjuster spun it was difficult to get the same wrench on the ring depending on where it was in its travel. Hope this helps.
bike handles great, but i'm 54 and ride a lot could be a tad softer for me. saw the double ring, figured it would take two wrenches. i opened the(tool kit ha!ha!) thursday night to adjust my chain, boy, what a surprise. no sparkplug wrench, no spanner, no pliers. pitiful if you ask me. rick:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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