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2008 vs 2010 Z1000

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After riding only dirt bikes for 25 years my friends have talked me into finially getting a road bike. Pretty much set on the 2010 Z1000 because I like the way it felt when I test rode one. Just can't do the supersports because...well I am getting older and have no want to be sore after a day of riding. But I saw a good price on a 2008 Z1000 with really low miles and am wondering how that compared to the new ones. I know the 2010 model is supposed to be "All New" but is it actually that much better over the 08. Just wondered if anyone has upgraded from an 08 to a 2010 model. I can get the 2010 out the door for under $8k and wondered if it is worth the extra $3k over an 08 model. This being my first streetbike I am pretty sure I will be hitting my riding limit before I hit either of the bikes limit at least for awhile.

Thanks in advance for your comments
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Personally, I think either is a bit much for a first streetbike. Your dirt bike experience will help tremendously, I'm sure, but there's still a lot of difference. A more powerful bike is less forgiving about some of that learning process. There's the token disclaimer.

I wouldn't flinch at the extra cost between the two bikes. It really is all-new. New frame offers more rigidity. A motor built from the ground up for this bike, not one taken from another bike and tweaked, offers major gains. Better suspension all around. Essentially, everything is as good or better, and in many cases substantially better. It's a fantastic bike.

I'm biased in owning the new model, but I did a ton of research beforehand. I keep hoping Kawasaki will sell the crap out of the new model because they put some soul into it. They gave a genuine effort towards making a bike that specifically excels at being a standard/naked/etc, where the Japanese manufacturers usually are offering (in the US) a parts bin special with last-generation components.

I got my 2010 out the door for just under 10K and I'd do it again. Questioning the value at two grand less is crazy.
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Ride the two bikes back to back and you won't know the different s. it's all in the eye of the beholder.I own a 07 and can't tell the different s. But if you have the money go for the 2010. I do agree it's to much bike for a newbie.
if you are not going to really beat on your bike hard all z 1000s from 03-08 will make you happy. pick a low millage well kept bike and you can save a lot of money. my friend has a new 2010 and even though it is a wonderful machine i am partial to my 2004. for how i ride the 04 is perfect.
still saying that it is hard to beat a brand new bike. get a Z 1000 no matter what and you will be happy.
where do you live? i'm in ar. just bought mine last week 8900 out the door. you said less than 8k i think i should have checked closer.on pricing. thought 1500 off was good but over 2 is better.have been riding large road bikes along time. would not consider telling someone to buy z1000 for first road bike. i can see all kinds of endings , mostly bad. but you are a big boy. be careful and keep rubber side down. rick oh yeah buy the 2010 if you buy any. rick:D:D:D
I own an 08 Zed, used to ride 600cc years ago. After four years break i got the kawi. My opinion if u respect the power and weight of the machine u can ride anything. Just learn it slowly and you'll be fine. I jumped on a 600cc sport bike from 50cc scooter. And as u see im ok.
As for the bike pick, if i could afford 2010 model i would take it.
While I do appreciate the concern for the bike size, to me that is a non issue. I am not a twenty something with a superman complex. I know how to ride within my ability and know what throttle control is. I have respect for the bike but I am not afraid of it. And yes while this would be my first street bike ...I have rode my brother in laws 1098S and a friends Gsxr1000 before but I just wouldn't call myself a rode biker after probably 100 miles total. When my friend and brother in law get together the comparisons between the bikes always start and they talking about the changes they made and then look at me and ask what I thought...all I can say is "its fast...didn't know changes were made" Both have years of experience so they can tell and I am sure with more seat time I will also but for now I most likely won't but in a year I don't want to be sitting there wishing I would have got one bike over the other. A lot of people are trying to talk me into the RSV4 but can't do a supersport.
I was mainly looking for someone who went from an 08 to the 10 to see how much of a difference are really between the two but it looks like I might as well get the new bike.

jrivk56 - I live in Oregon and I think they are just trying to thin out stock since summer is close to ending and not many bikes get sold when it is raining or snowing but I would be taking it to Cali for the winter anyways so I don't care. The place has it listed for 7999 but I can get for 7700 including tags and title. No tax in OR so it is cheaper for me to buy it here and ship to SoCal than to buy one there. I used to live in AR when I worked for Acxiom 12 years ago....spent many weekends at Heber Springs on Greers Ferry Lake.
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i'm im mountain view just north of there. ride there a lot, but roads get better for us the farther north and west you go. every road in or out is up or down mountain or long hill this bike was made for this. you'll really like the 2010 z its instant throttle response is similar to old 4stroke large bore dirt bikes. snapping throttle open opens your eyes. this is the most fun i've had in a long time. i've had a very hard time breaking bike in. it revs so quickly i have to force myself to hold back. did first service last thursday, have 850 on it am opening up more now. after 1000 its on. buy the 2010 you won't be sorry. rick:D:D:D
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