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Just thought I'd throw a couple of pics up of the project bike. Its a 1985 Honda XL80. Its the bike I learned to ride on 16ish years ago. My uncle let me take it home with me and I have been taking care of it ever since. Currently trying to get it back to fully functional as it is missing some bells and whistles (turn signals only as of now). The first pic will be of the indicator lights and panel I fabricated. Second pic is the headlight "mod" if you can call it that.

ImageUploadedByMO Free1428568821.200048.jpg
ImageUploadedByMO Free1428568838.602508.jpg
Sorry my pics aren't up to par

On the list to do:

Replace Clutch and Clutch Cable
Replace Front Brake Cable
New Bars, Grips, and Levers
Replace "Multifunction" Switch
Fork Seals and Fork Spring Mod
Convert From 6v to 12v (if I can figure out how...any ideas? Hoping to hear from repair or someone with older technology knowledge)
Locate and Reinstall Turn Signals
Rebuild Engine
Rebuild Seat and Recover
Aftermarket Exhaust
More that I cant think of as of now

'03 Z
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