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04 rad covers[ replacement]

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i got the idea from pics of side cover replacements on the 07-09 bikes.. it was a pain and took 5 HRS. i never liked the looks of the stock plastic covers. i just used the center mounting point to hold it on. did a 90 DEG tab and then made a nice alum plate. i did a couple of rows of 1/4 in holes to break things up . i hand polished it. very happy. sorry i am computer inept so no pic. if you also hate the stock covers with hand tools you can make them out of 1 1/2 by 1/8 thick alum plate. even with fancy counter sunk allen scrwews i only spent 14 bucks.
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Sounds like good work. Too bad about the pics. I'd really like to see what they look like on your ride.
I have a pretty good imagination. I think I get what you are describing, if you do get some picks we are all very eager to see them. :)
with the stock covers the radiator looks very big. now it looks much more naked. the stock plastic covers are only ornamental ,my bike runs the same temp as before.it was one of those cheep fun jobs you can do yourself with hand tools. i do have a cheep drill press [ china] for drilling all those cosmetic holes. i hand bent the top about 2 inches and about 1 inch at the bottem. the finish is fine sand paper then scotch bright. i will try to post a pic ,but not for a few days. of all the zed web sites i only saw one other 03-08 z 1000 with custom covers.
Good job on the mod. Really wish I can see pics so I know what they look like. It's also good that it didn't affect operating temps on your bike.
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