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  1. Z1000 Problems and Issues
    Hey all, I just got a killer deal on an 04 ZR1000. One of the issues I have to solve is swapping out the connector on the harness side that goes to the cluster. I need two pics. One of the top of the connector and one of the bottom so i can see what wires go into what slot on the new connector...
  2. Kawasaki Z1000 General Discussion
    Hi guys, I own a Z1000 2012, yesterday I changed the oil + oil filter. I used Motul 300V 4T Factory Line 10W40 oil and a K&N KN303 oil filter. After riding for some hours today, I noticed that the oil has some little bubbles (see attached photo). They go away after some time but from what I...
1-2 of 2 Results