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  1. Z1000 Appearance and Modifications
    I got a Z1000 First gen from 2003, and want to mod it with a Power Commander. Now I've read that the PC3 is what fits easiest (pc3 specific for z1000, the gsxr modell doesn't work?). But I've also read that the PC5 can work, you just have to splice some of the cables and rewrite the map. Well I...
  2. Z1000 Performance
    I have a 2003 Z1000 that I have recently installed a power commander five on while I was doing the valve service. It also has the Leo Vince SBK 4-1 with stock air filter and I am currently running the PCV map for the Akropovic full exhaust system, which is compatible with the stock filter or an...
  3. Motorcycle Parts for Sale
    Selling my power commander ignition module (power commander not included) from my ‘11 Ninja 1000. It’s just been sitting in the garage for two years collecting dust. Looking for $100 shipped. SKU is 6-104 if you’d like to check what all it fits on the Dynojet website.
  4. Z1000forum.com Site News
    Hi everyone, Yesterday I picked up my new Kawasaki Z1000, -09 with 1580km.. And I can’t be more happy about it! The seller also gave me a pair of Nikko Racing exhuast for it, that I an thinking about to put on. Does anyone know anything about Nikko? Good or bad? I also found a Power Commander...
1-4 of 4 Results