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  1. Kawasaki Z1000 General Discussion
    Hey there, I just picked up an 07 z1000 and it's my first one. It sounds great and all the gears still working motor sounds solid with around 24k miles. Its a little rough on the eyes, plastics are not in good shape and rattle canned black. I see that there will be quite a bit to go through and...
  2. Z1000 Parts and Accessories
    Sooo, the guy i bought my bike from just sent me a pic of this part and says he thinks its part of the power commander. My Z has been messing up on me bucking when accelerating. Is that what this is???, is this part of the power commander? Anyone know? I'm new to riding and don't kn ow nothing. :(
  3. Z1000 Parts and Accessories
    I have a 2006 z1000 and I am trying to fix it up this winter. I need all fairings and a tank to make it look nice. I also need a chain and sprockets rear tires and I am interested in pretty much whatever parts you have. I live in Central Missouri but I can also pay for shipping
  4. Z1000 Parts and Accessories
    I recently acquired a parts bike that I wanted the front end off of for a side project. The bike was an 03 and I have a bunch of stuff from it. Haven't gone through it yet to see what all is here, the hike was partially disassembled when I got it. But if you're looking for anything from an 03...
1-4 of 4 Results