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  1. Z1000 Performance
    I have a 2003 Z1000 that I have recently installed a power commander five on while I was doing the valve service. It also has the Leo Vince SBK 4-1 with stock air filter and I am currently running the PCV map for the Akropovic full exhaust system, which is compatible with the stock filter or an...
  2. Z1000 Pictures
    Managed to get some decent shots of my gen 1 with a beautiful Midwest sunset in the backdrop
  3. Kawasaki Z1000 General Discussion
    So my buddy just bought a ‘19 z900. I took it for a rip and loved it, with just a slip on the front wheel was coming right up in first and second just from rolling on the throttle. I’m just wondering if anyone out there went from an older (03ish) z1000 to a newer z900 and what is most noticeable...
  4. Motorcycle Parts for Sale
    I need thousand dollars plus shipping fees selling as a whole waited over 8months to receive all of these parts the headlight fairing hasn’t even been installed Bc I didn’t receive them all at one time. I also have a oem passenger seat delete for sale as well. Radiator guards are new as well Bc...
1-4 of 4 Results