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  1. Z1000 Problems and Issues
    I've been having an issue with gas leaking out around my gas cap housing (if that's what you'd call it. Pictures show what I mean) I can't seem to find why it does it, pretty much random. I noticed inside of the housing there's two little screws with balls inside. Only one of them has a spring...
  2. Motorcycle Parts for Sale
    Good morning, Looking for the bracket that holds down the back of the front seat. Thanks. 2003 Z1000. 32046-1530 - BRACKET-SEAT,FRONT SE
  3. Z1000 Service and Maintenance
    Good evening, I've read it all and know nothing. My symptom is a pulsing front brake approaching the stop on my 2003 Z1000. I put the bike on a rear and front stand and could not see any evidence of a bent rotor. I replaced the pads and fluid successfully. I used a 180 sandpaper with a block...
  4. Motorcycles For Sale
    For sale is my 2003 Kawasaki Z1000 with 32,000 miles. Always garaged and very well maintained. I am the 2nd owner for 11 years. Upgrades: Michelin Pilot Power 2CT Tires Drive Systems USA Sprocket Kit & Chain Power Commander III w/ map Dan Moto Slip-ons Front/Rear Wave Rotors w/ Galfer Steel...
  5. Z1000 Parts and Accessories
    I’m currently in the process of rebuilding my 03’ Zed 1, I have two of them in good condition but I’m missing just a few things we may be able to come to an agreement on a trade of parts or payment. Looking for some exhaust options and maybe a 4 to 1 header, looking for some other things let me...
1-5 of 5 Results