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Mark Blu Wakefield - The Doctor
Silver & just a dab of green - all the Gay Dayglo Green was removed
Behind my Zipper
I love with the Silver/Green* colors of the 2016 Year.

Next would be the 2014. But if the right deal had happened, I might have compromised on the 2015 Green/Black
I don't know how you discovered Z ownership, it could probably have happened to you in the same way it began for me, as an unintentional test ride.

Here is the general thread started by STINGERUP

And this below is my love letter post on the same thread about "how I got the Z bug ..."


Why did I pick the Z1000?

Because no other Motorcycle in 50 years of riding has the ability to make me feel like the "Z" does.

Because no other machine I have driven, ridden, flown or operated makes the 2 hours it took me to chicken peck this Love Letter on my cellphone feel like 2 seconds.

Because riding a "Z1000" stops all Time as I know it.

Because it rains Emotion.

Visually it floods me with Excitement.

Aurally it's a Visceral Being ...

At 54 I had just got back into riding & quickly went through a Honda CBR3OOR & then two Honda CBR500R's until June 2018 when I was run over repeatedly* riding the latter by a drunk driver & broke my leg & ankle in 11 places severely so much so that amputation was considered 9 months later, split my AGV Helmet in half & broke my Shoulder.

I wasn't through with Motorcycles but I was never going to ride again in this Lifetime.

But a couple of weeks before this accident I went with a jacket full of cash to upgrade from the CBR500R to a CB650 - had never ridden a 650 before but I thought it had to be a sensible upgrade.

Instead it was the most boring motorcycle experience I have ever had.

Like a inline four Sewing Machine, nothing more.

My twin 500 was slower but felt real.

It was a used motorcycle dealership & there was also a futuristic looking, silver racing motorcycle hidden partially amongst the rest.

It was a silver 2014 with 8500 miles, a Fender Eliminator & a IXIL SX1 exhaust. But because it had no license plate & it was naked design I thought it was a race bike, it looked so foreign. It was going way too fast with the engine off.

When I told the Salesperson I was feeling underwhelmed he wheeled the other bikes out of the way & gave me the key to the Z.

In full view it looked like only a Z does; visually it's not of this Century, its lines cut through space & time, it's truly the most beautiful bike ever made.

I made the mistake of accepting the key, climbing onto this 2 wheeled spaceship & turned the ignition on.


The sound only IXIL SX1 makes.


The Salesperson was serious "take it for a ride ..."

Which I promptly did but he didn't warn me of what the bike can do.

[email protected]$!÷×+/=<$>&%^#ING BELIEVABLE SENSORY EXPERIENCE!

The front wheel felt so light as I took along a few straights passes in front of the dealership - the Salesperson told me it was because the front wheel barely touched the ground.

At every light, people would stop & compliment the bike.

It was an incredible riding experience unlike anything I have ever known (& I was fortunate in 1984 in owning one of the first beautiful Suzuki Katanas in New Zealand) but in terms of the Senses being stimulated, nothing has ever come close.

I never got past 4th gear.

I was flying just watching the bike from a safe distance.

It was Electrifying!

But it didn't seem practical so I rolled back in there determined not to make a rash decision & to get a good price selling my Honda privately rather than trading it in but from that moment on I learnt all I could about the Z1000.

Took the guy's card & a few days later decided the bike was mine regardless of money & suitability.

The Salesperson never answered the calls & the Dealership were somewhat evasive in their answers. I called the guy's cell #, phone was off. Then I got a call from the General Manager when I complained no-one was helping me buy this bike for cash & I was ready two days ago.

He explained that the Salesperson had died in a Motorcycle Accident within the hour that I left the dealership.

On that very same bike.

He wasn't supposed to ride, his License had been suspended but he had being literally "dying to test ride the Z" since it was released to Sales Inventory.

I got off the phone & complimented myself on my rare & mature moment in not making a rash decision earlier that week.

But I never stopped thinking about that experience.

Or the Z.

*Then the Drunk hit me head on as I saw him in the reflection of parked cars & I pulled up against a huge retaining wall in a series of S turns with a 15mph speed limit - he hit the little 6 inch curb & the wall at 40mph, his car flying into the air & the very front corner came crashing down onto me & my bike, shattering everything - I was trapped under the bike & then he did something stupendous, he tried to drive away but we were trapped under his car & my leg was being separated where it was broken as he dragged me back & forth until neighbours broke his windows & pulled him out.

42, driving his Daughter's Car with an insurance stipulation that he didnt drive more than 5 miles from the home. He was 30 miles from home. And on one alias alone he had 3/Three Separate DUI's & 3/Three Separate Hit & Runs.


Fast forward until December 9th 2019, I cannot run anymore but my limp has gone & healing & on my Birthday 18 months later on a whim I decided to do a search on a low mileage 2014-16 Z1000.

Insane idea.

At 57 I have broken my feet 11 times, my back in 7 places, my arm once, wrists six times, numerous lacerations, stab wounds, numerous shrapnel wounds, multiple head injuries, been in a Coma twice & fractured my neck twice from my work overseas, motorcycles & farm & bush injuries (originally from New Zealand), & was told to put my Desires in a box & try to get through the next few years like a Nice Civilian until I was ready for the long box.

After weeks of salivating, dreaming & a thousand enquiries I discovered a 2016 Z1000 completely stock in Florida with one owner & 900 miles that had previously been registered by the same owner in CA with an amazing detail in the photo; on the bike seat there was a donut pad for someone who suffers from hemorrhoid pain - obviously this bike hasnt been ridden hard, let alone even run in yet.

After some Negotiation the Bike is now mine, it's still in Florida but is being picked up by a Specialist Motorcycle Transporter in the early part of February & bought to me here in the Hollywood Hills.

I then compounded either the negative effects of my repeated Head Traumas or instead, pure obsession; already I have invested in over $4500 in upgrades sitting in a garage of which I will list in the right forum post.

My paranoia about just how ludicrous a decision this was considering my past injury list, I went out & bought the very best riding boots, helmet, jackets, etc & about $800 of that upgrade total above is a high intensity horn that is like an 18 Wheeler, plus numerous high intensity headlight, turning & brake light modifications along with strobes to make sure I am lit up like a Xmas Tree.

The Bike arrives around the 15th. By the 17th, it will be the Fire Breathing, Life Affirming, Sensory Overload Spaceship configured similar to the bike I rode at the dealership that fateful day.

I am lucky to be alive, fortunate to be obsessed with very little & grateful to be here amongst other enthusiasts who might feel the same as I.

Talk about Crazy, I don't have a House, instead I live in a small Luxury RV which is both my Portable Office & my Home - I trade Services with a client to keep "my stuff" in storage at his house & it's where I will store the "Z" except for times when I have time to ride.

Bottom Line; I cannot wait, I have lost 15lbs of fat I gathered in the last 2 years as a Cripple & am training for the Bike's Arrival. I was 57 when I sent the money wire but I feel 16 again.

Only the 2014-16 Kawasaki Z1000 can do this & for me, the Silver Green, not the Green Black.

As it is, I am removing the Green Headlight Cowl & the Tank Strip & replacing it with Matte Black Carbon Fiber components from Motocomposites plus having the Green Pillion Seat reupholstered in Black.

For me no other Bike, riding it or just looking at it, can do what the Z does, it erased 41 years of hard living overnight, the fact that it was in Florida & there has been such a delay in finding the right one to purchase it & have it transported has only been a Godsend as I was too immature at 57 to have it in my hands even a few days ago.

If you feel as passionate as I do, if you are in LA, give me a call & if my Patient Load allows, I would love to meet you & talk "Z ...!"



Chain I think
Pink I think but I have never allowed anyone to inspect her Private Parts
Silver with Motocomposites Carbon Fiber Black in Twill replacing the ugly Green Tank Strip as well as the Green Headlight Cowl & I reupholstered the Green Pillion in Black.
At idle, with this exhaust, it's like standing next to Mt Krakatoa just before she explodes - she rumbles ...
Wheel and Tire