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  1. Z1000 Parts and Accessories
    Recently had an accident with the bike and was trying to source new OEM forks for the Z1000 since mine was bent however, after doing some looking around I have found that Babbitt's which is a supplier for OEM Kawasaki Parts are Charging $1K for each fork ( Left & Right ). I checked eBay for...
  2. Z1000 Appearance and Modifications
    So after fitting BW headers yesterday and looking over a few pictures, something I felt was just a bit off with the look of the bike. The negative spaces or gaps (where you can see straight through) left buy removing the OEM headers just doesn’t look right to me... iv made a cardboard template...
  3. Z1000 Performance
    Hi guys looking to go up one tooth on the front sprocket , can someone just confirm that the standard sprocket is 15t on the Gen 4? also if anyone has done this, would love to know your thoughts
  4. Suomy helmets gain popularity among regular riders and professional racers for their high-quality, great protection, outstanding aerodynamics, noise reduction, ventilation, and comfort. They work exceptionally well at high speeds. Suomy is an Italian brand that was established in 1997. People...
  5. Z1000 Performance
    As i said in the vid i dont take the credit for this. A lad from the Phillipines got in contact with me....were both at the same point...everything fitted - just waiting for the dyno's to open up so we can get back and get'em remapped. As i said in the vid now ive been out on it (and gone some...
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